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 I have been devoting every spare minute to Animal Crossing New Leaf. It is a huge game. I am still mad at myself for missing the tarantula, but when I think back on Wild World I did not really get into all the bug/fish collecting until well into the second year of playing that game. I have four houses all paid off, and am waiting to see if Gracie, that giraffe with the unerring  fashion sense (in her mind) deems my town worthy for a second visit. I have friends that have her shop already, and man are her prices steep. 

I love the fall colours in the town, everything is golden and really looks great when the sun is setting. Dreaming other towns has become my habit each night before I sleep, not sure if that is a good thing, some towns are really creepy, but well done.

I am trying to get as much done as possible before Oct. 12, you know that date, well you do if you are a Pokemon fan. 

Take care. Have great dreams.:)

My dream code is 4700-2145-3172.
  • Listening to: Nada
  • Reading: I have a stack next to me, deciding.
  • Watching: A few anime.
  • Playing: Animal Crossing, A New Leaf.
  • Eating: waiting for oatmeal to cook.
  • Drinking: Coffee.
DestinySword Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IŽll remember your code but for pokemon !! XDD
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September 17, 2013


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